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Chapter I
The Dawn of Kzat
Setrir had brown hair, he was twenty he wore silver armor deer leather underneath, he had a coyote cap, a wooden shield with copper, wooden sword studded with copper blades on the edges, and a silver dagger with a cougar carved on, every grandson, and granddaughter of the general wore that dagger. He set out of the tent, woods surrounded the encampment, in the center of the field, and there was a log cabin, with some stone. Tents, and two wooden cabins surrounded the log and stone cabin, with a wooden wall being constructed, there was a lake downhill, the village of Kzatrir. There were one hundred humans, their leader was named Wilcoxin, a noble, and caring man, he called a meeting in the main lodge, it was night. Setrir went inside, lamps burned, there were rows of citizens, he sat next to two of his friends, Jakavus, and Lans, Jakavus had dark blonde hair, Las had brown hair. Jakavus and Lans had silver armor, with deerskin underneath, Jakavus wielded a copper axe, and a bow, Lans was armed with a wooden spear with a stone spear point, a bone dagger, and a two handed wooden sword with copper blades.
“Greetings Setrir!” Jakavus said enthusiastically.
“Hey Setrir!” Lans said patting Setrir on the back.
“Hi.” Setrir said tired.
“Another nightmare?” Wilderas said behind them.
“Yes.” Setrir said.
“We’ll discuss it after the meeting.” Wilderas said.
Wilderas went to the center, he held up his hands. “I’m glad you all have come, we have serious business to speak of.” He announced. “As you heard, Stouses have been sighted in the north. This is an urgent alarm, they were seen a mile from here, they were armed to the teeth with bows, swords, spears, and some were on armored reptiles. This meeting is to discuss defense. We need to construct the wall, and other defenses.” He said.
“How about siege engines like catapults?” A citizen asked.
“Yes, good, we’ll construct some. Timroy.” Wilcoxin said.
“We need to fortify the walls with stone.” Another citizen said.
“How about deer cavalry?” Another said.
“We could try.” Wilderas said. “We should also arm ourselves with pikes, they will deter the reptiles. We only have one hundred men and woman, we should build fortifications.” He said.  “What kind of fortifications?” Lans asked.
“Ditches, and watchtowers.” Wilderas answered.
“And reconnaissance?” Jakavus asked.
“We will scout night and day.” Timroy said.
“So be it.” Wilderas said.
“Setrir tell us a story!” A little girl said.  “I don’t know, I might be too tired.” Setrir answered.
“Please?” The girl begged. “Alright, gather around.” Setrir sad.
‘Setrir is going to tell a story!” The girl shouted, fifteen gathered around a fire. Setrir struck his sword to the ground. “Once upon a time, there was a family, they were called the Silverhawks. They lived far away, near the mountains that shield this realm from the giants. There, they built a prosperous settlement. However, when war came, when the master of the underworld came to expand his domain, the other clans fled in fear, only one stood against the tide of destruction, inspired by their courage, other clans were rallied to the Silverhawk banner. Working together, the family destroyed the four pyramids that were the source of the dark lord’s power. Defeated, he was imprisoned by the Marineers, deep in the sea.
With the dark lord defeated, the Silverhawks forged a kingdom that spread from the mountains, all the way past the Icy Peaks, to this coast, it was a kingdom of liberty, and it sought to keep the peace that was won.
Then he escaped, he went to the mountains of Rorzron, there, he rebuilt his forces, and forged an empire. From his throne, he began to destroy the Silverhawks from the inside. He spread lies to the Gorzollians, reptilian warriors, and the Stouses, spiderlike humans of the eastern mountains, these lies enraged the already jealous creatures, and they descended upon the Silverhawk kingdom, igniting war. The western kingdom desperately held on, the hordes of he Stouses more than six times outnumbered them, with the Gorzollians pounding on their walls. Then, unexpectedly, Growun, the king of the underworld arrived with his own forces, however, the defenders fought on, not losing hope.
The Silverhawk forces appeared on the horizon, waving their banners in the sunrise. They charged like a raging fire through the dark armies, Growun, and Leohal, the head of the family, fought in the midst of the battle, the dark king was forced to fall back, the remainder of his forces went with him, back to Rorzron. The Silverhawks were victorious, however, news came that the giants beyond the mountains had destroyed their homeland, their people were scattered. Leohal, went swiftly to their aid, as did many of the family, the others stayed behind to guard the land against Growun. They knew that the days of the Silverhawks were over. The end.” Setrir said.
“So, your nightmare?” Wilderas asked, approaching Setrir, after the crowd went to their cabins. “I saw a girl, a beautiful girl, more lovely than anything I have ever seen.” Setrir explained. “Does not sound like a nightmare to me.” Wilderas said.
“She was kidnapped by Growun, he bit her. She then changed, two of her teeth turned into fangs, her fingernails turned to claws, and she was crying out for help, it was terrible. There was nothing I could do to save her.” Setrir said. “Your grandfather had dreams about Growun’s return.” Wilderas said.
“Do you think my dream really happened?” Setrir asked.
“It is possible, your family has a history of dreaming events that are currently happening. It sounds as if Growun is transferring his power to others, perhaps to create a new army.” Wilderas answered.
“He is planning another invasion?” Setrir asked.
“You can count on that.” Wilderas replied. “Always remember though, good will always triumph over evil at the end. Goodnight, Setrir Silverhawk…”
Chapter I
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