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he Einherjar: The Wings of the Hawks
Jakavus meets his girl.
Grutwaq forges Firemancers
Jakavus seals Grutwaq away. Four great reptiles fought the Firemancers.
Scene 1
Scene 1
It is night, Garrpick, and Wilderas follow dark figures to ancient ruins, while King Hamming delivers his speech.
Wilderas: Why have you led us here?
Zavrom (laughs): I knew you would follow us. And so you have…
Garrpick: I don’t like this, Wilderas.
Zavrom: Soon the cycle will renew, this time however, the might of the Avatars shall be on our side!
Garrpick: What is this? The Avatars are warriors of right, and despite what you claim, we both know, you are not in the right.
Zavrom: You’ll find out soon enough, Garrpick, son of Garrkar.
Wilderas: What do you mean by that, Zavrom?
Zavrom: Your time runs out, just as your king proclaims an age of peace, so shall an age begin, however, it shall not be peace.
Zavrom’s minions attack.
There is a fight scene, Zavrom, and holds, a purple artifact over the ruins.
Wilderas: Zavrom!
The two fight, Wilderas gains the upper hand, Zavrom unleashes the energy on the ruins.
Wilderas, is on the ground. Drafallgar enters the scene
Wilderas: The Avatars will defeat you.
Drafallgar: The beginning of the return of the creature at last, the Creature of Ancient Destruction has returned. No one can stop us now, what have we to fear?
Wilderas: Do you not remember the cycle? I am giving you one last warning before you start the war: The Writer has planned for this, he always has. This is a war you will not win. He will raise up a new generation of Avatars, they will rise, and they will defeat you.
Drafallgar: With the girl, we will forge our own Avatars.
Wilderas: You wouldn’t… Using her for evil will not avail you.
Drafallgar: I am going to let you live, I am going to let you see Grutwaq’s triumph.
Scene 2
Jake, Brandon, Trevor, and Ryan play game
Girl comes over.
Girl: Who is winning?
Ryan: I am, your base Brandon, is mine!
Brandon: What?! My base can’t be conquered!
Girl: Well, I am glad you are having fun! You see later!
Girl leaves, smiling.
Scene 3
Wilderas, the principle has a dream, he wakes up.
Garrpick, Ryan’s uncle, tells Wilderas that his nephew won the tournament, and will represent the school in the regionals. Wilderas tells Garrpick that the hour has arrived.
Scene 4
Suddenly at night, there is an attack by Drafallgar’s forces, they kidnap the girl at event.
Wilderas calls a council.
Scene 5
Drafallgar argues with Zavrom.
Scene 6
The Valkyries get lost in storm, they find their way to the school.
Scene 7
Wilderas confesses that there is a magic world within the world, there are underground civilizations with dragons, Westernlings, and others. The Valkyries enter, they do not remember who they are, but they know they were supposed to be there. Wilderas explains about Grutwaq, he asks the Valkyries to find Jake, and Aesirmir.
Scene 8
Zavrom learns the “gem” became a family heirloom of Garrpick, Drafallgar sends him to destroy Garrpick’s nephew.
Scene 9
The Valkyries find Aesirmir, and Jake, they ask them to join, and they escape Drafallgar’s assassins.
Jake joins them, Aesirmir is sent on an emissary mission underground.

Scene 10
Drafallgar attacks the school.
Scene 11
Jake, and the Valkyries arrive, they fight the siege, Drafallgar makes an offer, which Ryan accepts, he surrenders himself. Drafallgar learns he does not have the gem. Zavrom figures out that Ryan gave it to the girl, he takes it, he reveals that all the gems were required to bring back Grutwaq, however, he claims the three gems for himself, he becomes super powerful, however, the girl is finally able to summon a diamond dragon, a family guardian, the diamond dragon defeats Drafallgar. Zavrom takes the gems and says he was going to bring back someone else, a witch named Tratwaqa. The witch summons a vast army and takes the school, Wilderas uses a mass teleportation spell on the nearby defenders.
Scene 12
Wilderas is severely weakened because of the spell, he almost dies, but the youth display marvelous power, and restores him to health, he realizes that he had found the next generation of Avatars.
Scene 13
Tratwaqa does a spell on the girl. Creating the Elix’ar.
Scene 14

The Valkyries stumble upon an ancient room, they see an image of a tree. Wilderas explains that it is the world tree.
Jake, Brandon, Trevor, and Ryan discover magical weapons. Wilderas explains that they are weapons forged from the claws of the great reptiles.
The youth vow to banish the evil, and the Valkyries join them. The Valkyries proclaim them “Einherjar” a word they remembered.
They discuss the battle plan to save the other students, they learn that the witch had taken the rest of the regional schools, Aesirmir returns with news that the underground creatures have joined the other schools, and some have decided to join, the other schools also wanted to create an alliance, and fight where they still had strength, the sea.
Scene 15
Battle on the sea. Grutwaq returns.  Jake, Trevor, Brandon, and Ryan find the four Talismans.
Scene 16
Final scene, Zavrom, and the three gems are missing. Trutwaqa still has the schools, the alliance will continue to fight for liberty.
A movie me and my friends have been working on.
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